Game Wizards Incubator

Game Wizards is an incubator program where students have the opportunity to learn about game development and gain insights into careers in the interative game and media industry.

Our program focuses on equipping talent with the ability to pursue careers in the video game industry with a specific focus on four key areas: Game Art, Game Design, Game Production and Game Programming.

Game Wizards is a free 16-week Video Game Development program. You will learn the skills that provide a pathway to a career in the video game industry.

● Applications are now open
● Program will start summer 2024
● You will have acces to industry experts
● This program will culminate with a pitch competition

Our pitch competition will be judge by industry leaders like Riot Games, Activision and more!!


Why Join Game Wizards?

Participants will have access to state of the art technology, cutting edge curriculum designed for their success and access to industry professionals who will help showcase how video games are developed.

If you are a gamer and want to learn how to work in this multi-billion dollar industry you want to register for this program.

Why Become a Partner?

The diversity deficit in the game industry is staggering. Data shows while 80% of black teens in the U.S. play video games only 2% of game developers around the globe are black.

At Game Wizards we want to inspire the next generation of game developers by partnering with game studios to ensure diversity and inclusion goals are met with talent who are prepared to make amazing game play experiences.

We want to ensure communities of color have career futures in the growing video game industry.


TEC Leimert is proud to partner with a variety of organizations to bring innovative, high-quality products and services to our customers. Our partners provide us with key resources, expertise, and technology that help us stay at the forefront of our industry. Our partners help us provide our customers with the best possible solutions to their needs. We value our partnerships and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Our Approach

Research and Strategy

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Content Creation

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Development & Launch

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Fulfilling Partnerships

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Client of WBS
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Our Capabilities

  • Asset Distribution
  • Campaign Development and Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Measurement
  • Asset Creation and Production
  • Measurement
  • Media Planning and Buying (Traditional)
  • Search engine marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Benchmark Research
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Video, Audio, Digital Production
  • Social media marketing


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