A free 12-week Sneaker Design Incubator

The Sole Folks Sneaker Lab powered by TEC Leimert is a sneaker design incubator that focuses on under-resourced, local creative talent and provides them with professionaltools for design, mentorship, go-to-market strategies and seed capital to launch a brand. The10-week program begins February 2022 with a cohort of 20 participants in the vibrant Leimert Park community in Southern California. Our incubator is a highly proprietary, non-duplicated, completely vertically-integrated model.

Our primary role is to provide our services to the South Los Angeles young adult community, fostering pillars of economic development. We are preparing underserved youth for sustainable careers in the digital economy.


Branding Strategy


Cost savings

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our Partners

TEC Leimert is proud to partner with a variety of organizations to bring innovative, high-quality products and services to South Central Los Angeles. Our partners provide us with key resources, expertise, and technology that help us stay at the forefront of our industry. Our partners support our efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive environment. We value our partnerships and look forward to continuing to work with our partners in the future.


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