The Program

NXT LVL is a free program that provides an opportunity for under resourced young professionals to leverage existing affinities for social media and culture to develop professional skills in the creative economy.

In just 12 weeks, you’ll learn the basics of digital marketing including SEO, graphic design, creative editing, emerging tech, campaign management, media buying, audience research, and more.

Upon completion of our social media incubator, you will have the ability to be placed in a paid internship with one of our partner companies for a hands on experience in digital marketing.

The Perks

Did we say PAID summer internships? Yes this program will help you prepare for a career in social media with top-tier agencies, media companies and local businesses.

Have the opportunity to connect one-on-one with an industry professional mentor throughout the program and your internship.

Each student is provided with a MacBook to ensure you have all the right tools to produce high quality work.

Why Become a Partner?

We are combatting the diversity deficit in hiring practices. Our underlying premise is that we develop talent in niche markets that can have an immediate impact.

Efforts like these add value to the overall corporate community. Your investment into our program will help build this platform for under-resourced youth to have a career pathway into the digital economy.

We believe supporting our program will result in corporations’ ability to better navigate a global economy with racially diverse work environments.

Our Partners

TEC Leimert is proud to partner with a variety of organizations to bring top industry companies to South Central Los Angeles. Our partners provide us with key resources, expertise, and technology that help us stay at the forefront of industry. Our partners support our efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive environment. We value our partnerships and look forward to continuing to work with our partners in the future.


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